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2901 Druid Park Dr, Suite 210 Baltimore, MD 21215

Mission Statement

It is the mission of MSP Superior Services, Inc. to provide facility owners and construction managers with a high quality, reasonably priced, full service company staffed by skilled, diverse employees committed to improving themselves and their communities through hard work.


1. Construction
2. Janitorial
3. Facility Maintenance
4. Technology

About Us

MSP Superior Services, Inc. is a 100% minority owned construction and facilities maintenance business that operates in the Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, District of Columbia corridor. Founded in 2002 by Mark S. Pooler, MSP Superior Services, Inc. continues to provide excellent service to our customers. We are experienced in a variety of areas of construction and facilities maintenance.

Our markets include the following types of institutions: City, County, State, Federal government, higher education, K through 12 education, corporate, commercial and retail.

Future Endeavors



MSP Superior Services, Inc. has a diverse professional team of people who are equipped with skills needed to service a variety of construction services.


As a Facility Maintenance Company, we service all kinds of Janitorial needs of our clients.

Facility Maintenance

We have the experience and skills needed to manage a wide variety of projects for our clients. We continue to do ongoing Facility Maintenances.


MSP Superior Services, Inc. continues to work in the ever-changing world of technology. Our highly trained skilled technicians are active in maintaining our customer’s infrastructure.



Since 2002 MSP Superior Services, Inc. has completed over 200 projects. These projects are for our varied customer base that includes, City, County, State, and Federal Government customers as well as K-12 Education, Higher Education, Corporate, Commercial, and Retail Clients.